Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marketing, marketing, MARKETING!

Yes, that is the word of the day. It doesn't matter how great your book is if nobody knows you wrote it. It also doesn't matter that much more if only your friends and family members buy it...lol. But I am determined to change that and I am changing that already. That is why I am on this quest to do for myself what a big publishing house would have done, if I could find one to broadcast my story. That however, is not an easy task when you are a minority and an immigrant. So, I decided to self publish. You gotta be a celebrity or Reality TV Show Star nowadays to get a non-fiction book deal. And don't even think of a memoir or autobiography if you are neither. Even Barack Obama's "Dreams from My Father" did not get the recognition it deserved till he became a politician with a voice.
But I love this process and I feel like I am learning a new trade.
On Sunday January 10th @ 12 noon, I will have my first Book Signing Event @ BORDERS in the East Cobb area of Atlanta. (Really Marietta but still the Atlanta metro area!)
I am so pumped. God is good. If all goes well, Borders will carry my book "The Only Way is Up: The Journey of an Immigrant" eventually.
The door may not be held wide open for you but you can always find a crack in the window. I found mine and I will work it.
There is always a way!


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